School Programs

School Programs

Step outside the classroom and afford your students a unique and exciting hands-on experience with our Discovery World STEM Center programs. All programs run 90 minutes. Pricing is based on a class size up to 30 students. Multiple classes are easily accommodated.

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 BOCES Art-in-Ed 

School Districts are eligible to receive reimbursement from New York State for a portion of the cost of those programs, based on your district’s State Aid Ratio. Contact the BOCES Arts-in- Education office at (631) 286-6989 for details. 

The Power of Pollock • Grades K - 3 • $250 

The awesomeness of art and science collide in this innovative workshop featuring the works of world-renowned artist Jackson Pollock, where students will explore Pollock’s famous drip technique. They will then discover the physics behind objects such as magnets and marbles and create their own innovative work of art. 

The Kandinsky Connection • Grades 4 - 8 • $300 

Explore the stunning connection between sound, color, art and emotion through 20th century Russian painter and art theorist Wassily Kandinsky. Students will use an exciting myriad of colors and techniques to express their emotional response to music through creating unique works of abstract art. 

Nature’s Palette • Grades 4 - 8 • $300 

Explore Camp Sobaco’s beautiful grounds & photograph and collect foliage of interest. Observe the flora through magnifying glasses & microscopes. Be introduced to the artwork and technique of a famous artist inspired by nature. Return to the outdoors to create art that includes your collected specimens using the techniques of the featured artist. 

STEM on the Go - We bring it to you! 

Introduction to Robotics • Grades 4 - 6 • $300
An interactive overview, including definitions and history, followed by group cooperation as each group plans, assembles, and tests their own robotic creations. Materials used include LEGO robotics components from the First LEGO League. Originally presented at BOCES’ Annual Conference for Kids.

Custom Programs Just For You! 

Our talented team of educators can customize a program for your students based on your needs. Our unique facility, located on a Pine Barrens campgrounds and outdoor recreation area on the banks of the Carman’s River, offers a host of opportunities for collaboration.

 BOCES Exploratory Enrichment 

Open Space Stewardship Program
3 Part Series Administered in Partnership with Brookhaven National Lab • Grades 4 - 8 • $750 

This three-season study of the Carman’s River includes creating an environmental map of an area near the river and visiting the site three times throughout the school year. Conduct soil testing, a water and vegetation analysis, and record any findings, including wildlife, in words, sketches, and photography. Complete a comparative data analysis. 

Data will be uploaded into a shared international database, linking this project globally, while providing information for local officials to enhance stewardship of our ecology. 

Head in the Clouds • Grades 1 - 5 • $250 

Curious about cumulus? Then explore clouds and the important role they play in our environment. Analyze weather reports and identify clouds using a weather window tool. Witness live demos involving lightning formation and the water cycle, and experiment with making a cloud in a jar. 

Catapults! It’s a Long Shot! • Grades 2 - 6 • $280 

Examine everyday items that use simple machines, including catapults. Discuss catapult history, design and uses today. Create a catapult and experiment with making adjustments so objects travel further. Go outdoors to catapult different objects, measure distances, and see who achieves the longest shot. 

Water Works • Grades 4 - 6 • $200 

Discover the importance of clean water and its uses. Engineer a water filtration system, and clean various water samples to visually compare the results. Tweak filtration designs to see how to obtain cleaner results. 

Bullseye! • Grades 4 - 8 • $300 

Learn the historical significance and evolution of the bow and arrow and how it relates to pulleys, pendulums and energy. Adjourn to the archery range for a lesson by a certified instructor and time to practice newly-learned skills

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