Girl Scouts Support Our Troops

Girl Scouts Support Our Troops

Supporting our troops is nothing new to Girl Scouts! Through Operation:Cookies, we send GS cookies to the brave women and men in our military. With this patch program, you can show your support in other ways.

To earn either patch, girls must complete 4 of the following 7 requirements:

  • Activity 1: The United States military operates in countries all over the world. Using maps, globes, atlases, newspapers and magazines, identify 10 other countries that U.S. troops are currently stationed in or are being sent to. What language is spoken in each country? Learn how to say hello and goodbye in this language
  • Activity 2: Using the information you found in activity one, pick a country where our military is stationed and create a travel guide about that country. What are some popular landmarks? What is the land like? What are some of the popular foods? Be sure to include pictures. Share your travel book with the rest of your troop.
  • Activity 3: Create a booklet about one of the countries you discovered in activity one. Use magazines, newspapers and the Internet to identify the following: capitol, national flag, common religions, foods, customs and anthems.
  • Activity 4: The armed forces operate in amany different branches. What are these branches? How are they alike and how are they different? Using resources such as the library and the Internet, find out where some of their military bases are. Are any of them located on Long Island?
  • Activity 5: Many people in the military spend a great deal of time away from home or overseas. Send a greeting to a member of our military who is currently away from home.
  • Activity 6: What does patriotism mean to you? Learn about the word patriotism and create a picture, poem or story based on what you learned. Don’t forget to use colors and words that are associated with patriotism.
  • Activity 7: Find out about our troops heading to foreign countries by clipping articles from newspapers and magazines. Also, watch the news and listen to the radio to find out more about where are our troops are heading and why. Use this information to create a scrapbook.

Girl Scout Promise

On my honor, I will try: To serve God and my country, To help people at all times, And to live by the Girl Scout Law.